We are distributors of equipment of leading brands in their respective fields of expertise. We have an extensive range of basic machinery for crushing, screening and material handling according to your budget.



The vibrating feeder is ideal for removing undersized rock and ore from feed material before the primary crushing equipment. They work for applications in mining and aggregate production for construction.

Types of feeders:

• Grizzly
• Apron Feeders
• Pan Feeders


We offer a wide range of models of primary and secondary Jaw Crushers. These equipments are characterized by their high reduction efficiency and high production capacity.

The jaw crushers work by compression using a fixed wheel and a mobile wheel. Of simple and functional design, these teams are characterized by a long life of operation, easy maintenance and operation, they can crush all kinds of materials including rocks of extreme hardness at a low cost per ton.


Cone Crusher ideal for secondary, tertiary or quaternary crushing.

They process any material, regardless of their hardness or abrasiveness and guarantee high reduction capacity, an excellent shape and efficiency.

The Cone Crushers is realiable in even the most difficult operating conditions. User friendly and simple to maintain.


For primary and secondary crushing applications of non-abrasive material, the Horizontal Impact Crushers with their design with heavy duty rotors provide a high level of reduction also generate an extraordinary quality of cubic product.

HSI primary impacts are generally used in applications of non-abrasive material and where the production of fines is not a problem, eg limestone.


The Vertical Impact Crushers have been designed to crush a wide range of rocks, industrial and metallic minerals. They are recommended to obtain a product of small dimensions and with excellent cubic properties.

Our extensive line of fully self-supporting rock-against-rock VSI for the reduction of hard and abrasive rocks and minerals. We also offer rock-against-anvil VSI machines for limestone and less aggressive materials.

Do you need sand? This crushing is the perfect choice to produce a quality product, within specifications, with well-formed cubic particles and with the desired modular fineness.


Screens are used to classify the product in different sizes, depending on the opening of the screen cloth. They work through an arrow mechanism that generates vibration. There are different types of screens, such as horizontal, inclined, multiple-inclined and high-frequency screens, which can be supplied with 1 to 4 beds.


Sand washers are used to separate materials through the use of a transport system and the application of a constant flow of water. Which has the function of taking the unwanted materials in the final product. Its main functions are: wash, dry and classify the material. These equipments are mainly used when you need to clean or separate fine material from a larger material. This is for example, when it is required to put the final product in a certain specified granulometry. In our line of washers we have special models for fine, coarse and gravel material.


They are classified as electro-magnets and permanent magnets.

The so-called electro-magnets are used to process materials with high iron content, these equipment include AC-DC converters capable of regulating the power of the magnet, are self-cleaning and come equipped with a conveyor belt plated in stainless steel that attracts quickly the fragments of iron and the discharge.

Permanent magnets offer an economical solution for the removal of ferrous material. They are equipped with a conveyor belt reinforced with high-strength stainless steel.