Crushing and Screening Plants


Design, innovation and functionality are some of the main features of our Duplex models. This line is characterized by integrating in a single module the primary and secondary crushing stage as well as the screening stage. Integrating a completely portable design with equipment of the highest technology, which guarantees high productivity and efficiency in its operation, as well as easy installation in any type of material bank.

The Duplex line has a wide range of models and configurations, which adjust to your specific production and budget needs.

It can be configured with: Cone Crushers or Impact Crushers


Offer the most complete line of portable plants to meet your specific production needs. Integrating technology, productivity, easy operation and maintenance.

Its design is completely portable which facilitates transport between the material banks and reduces installation times and operation costs by not requiring civil works.

These models process all types of materials for aggregate, asphalt, concrete and mining applications.

It can be configured with: Jaw Crusher or Impact Crushers


It is characterized by integrating in a single module a crusher and screen in closed circuit. They can be operated independently or be interconnected with primary, tertiary and screening crushing modules.

Each FIMSA crushing system, by its design and options, optimizes its operation costs and generates high profitability and rapid recovery of your investment.

It can be configured with:

  • Cone Crushers
  • Horizontal Impact Crushers (HSI)
  • Vertical Impact Crushers (VSI)


Special for applications where there is a large demand for fine materials, very strict product form requirements or cubicity.

In mining, grinding in a VSI as a pre-grinding stage provides a greater reduction and optimizes the grinding process and generates a higher production at lower cost per operation.

It can be configured with:

• Cone Crushers or
• Impact Crushers (VSI)


Our line of Screening Plants are the most versatile in the market, due to its completely portable design and its high technology components.

The versatility of this line allows you to choose between a conventional screening module to classify materials under normal conditions and the option of high frequency screening for materials with excess moisture.

These plants are equipped with inclined three-bed screens to classify up to 3 different types of materials, in addition our screening plants can be perfectly integrated into an existing crushing system.


• Inclined vibrating screens
• Horizontal vibrating screens
• Banana Type Screens
• High Frequency Screens


Equipment used to separate materials through a transport system and the application of a constant flow of water fulfills the function of taking unwanted materials in the final product. We have different lines of scrubbers according to the type of material: fine, coarse or gravel.


• Wet Washer Screens
• Sandwash Worms


Our recycling line equipment ensures processes through which you can reuse materials that are considered waste and turn them into profitable products.

Processes materials such as garbage, tires, hard plastics, wood, logs, logging waste and sawmills, green waste for compost, mattresses, pallets, appliances, among other applications.


• Universal Primary Crusher
• Trommel type screens
• Pepena stations