FIMSA provides a solution in the control of visible dust from aggregate production, mining and material handling operations.

Our high technology systems allow the control of emissions by spraying a low volume of water at high pressure, which allows us to guarantee an excellent operation with low operating costs.

The benefits are mainly based on:

• Increase production
• Extends the life of the machinery
• Improves the environment in the facilities
• Reduces workplace accidents
• Improves the health of its workers.

NESCO powder control systems can be adapted to any stationary or portable plant. A pump module located in the center supplies spray nozzles. The high pressure hose connects the suppression bars to the pumping unit.

Easy to operate and maintain, NESCO suppression systems can remove visible dust using less than one gallon of water per ton.

FIMSA offers all the advice from the configuration of its dust suppression system, to the installation and commissioning in the field.