We have a Post-Sale Service Department with highly trained personnel to answer any questions you may have about your equipment and operation. Our team of specialized technical personnel will provide you with the best technical advice, either in the field or by telephone, at the precise moment.

All of our plants include on-site start-up and load testing until they begin to produce, as well as the training of its personnel in the correct operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Our preventive and corrective maintenance plans for your crushing equipment prevent our customers from having downtime in their production due to unnecessary stoppages. We offer contracts for extended warranties for your equipment and plant for periodic maintenance to your crushing plant made by our experts in the field.

Our preventive diagnostic services allow you to monitor the conditions of your equipment and detect abnormal conditions early so that actions can be taken before the equipment fails and unplanned stoppages are caused on your equipment.

• Diagnostics and failure analysis.
• Repair.
• Preventive Maintenance.
• Optimization of processes.
• Training (operations and maintenance).
• Technical advice.
• Mechanical installations.
• Start-up of specialized equipment.